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Your Art Tutor James Guppy

(b. 1954. London, United Kingdom)
After completing a Master of Letters (Visual Arts) at Lancaster University in the UK (1982), James Guppy immigrated to Australia. Since then he has exhibited widely in Australia, as well as New York and Texas in the USA. Guppy has worked as a visual arts lecturer in the UK at Lancaster University (1979 – 81) and Preston Polytechnic (1980 – 81), in Australia at Griffith University (1995), Flying Arts Inc. as a traveling lecturer in Outback Queensland (1996) and Southern Cross University in Lismore (2005), as well as in the USA as an Adjunct Professor of Arts and Media at Long Island University (Southampton College) in New York (1999 – 01).

Guppy’s powerful and enigmatic narrative-based paintings travelled to eleven different locations in Australia in a national solo touring survey show (2009 – 11). Throughout his career, Guppy’s subject matter has varied from surreal moments, scenes of suspense, explosion clouds, formidable women and anthropomorphic beings, all executed with a refined and intelligent approach, appearing both dramatic and lifelike. Guppy’s works are in numerous collections including Queensland Art Gallery, Artbank, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, Tweed River Regional Art Gallery, Warwick & Stanthorpe Regional Art Galleries, various university collections and private collections in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK and the USA. In 2013 Guppy co-founded the Byron School of Art, Byron By, Australia.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”30px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

“Great technique can seduce and amaze your audience.  While this enriches and deepens the experience of the viewer, it should never be forgotten that technique is just a series of tools.  It is what you choose to create, the thread of ideas, feelings and emotions that you weave into your artwork that makes it worthwhile and enduring.  It is this relationship that James wishes to explore with you- the individual and personal development of techniques in the service of what you want to paint.”
-James Guppy
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