Vivid Tours International Central Australia

A Vivid Tour takes you to the rich red expanse of the Central Australian desert, where you get to experience Australia’s Aboriginal culture in its depth and richness.

Aboriginal Australia is the world’s oldest living culture and Aboriginal art is one of the most dynamic international contemporary art movements. Discover the genesis of Aboriginal art.

On a Vivid Tour you see where all this begins and be inspired by the landscape and stories which seeded such rich expression. Artist Simha Koether is your accomplished guide. She has supported the development of Aboriginal artists for over 15 years. Her mother founded the Hermannsburg Potters and Simha grew up on the remote western Arrernte community, Ntaria, located 120 kms west of Alice Springs.

Simha has a good foundation in Western Arrernte (the Aboriginal dialect of the western Arrernte people), so on a Vivid tour, you’re welcomed into the community as a guest.

We invite you to experience the vastness and beauty of the red centre. Dig a little deeper into your explorer self, feel the brilliant sunshine on your skin and be awestruck by the stars in the desert night sky.

On a Vivid Tour you’re driving dirt roads, climbing gorges, visiting remote galleries and discovering local knowledge.

But it’s all not hiking boots, dusty jeans and kangaroo tail bush picnics. We love crisp white sheets as much as you do. Fine food and champagne at sunset!

East & West MacDonnell Ranges

In this four-day tour with guide, and tour director Simha Koether, you’ll see through the eyes of someone who has lived with and supported Australian Aboriginal artists for the past 15 years.


MacDonnell Ranges to Uluru

Travel by 4WD and explore guided highlights of the spectacular East and West MacDonnell Ranges, Uluru and Kata Tjuta in Australia’s central desert for a whole week with Vivid Tours International.


These tours bring together everything I have come to know and love from 15 years of living and working in Central Australia—the country and people, the art and craft, the culture and food. It’s the heart of Australia how I see it’s best experienced. And we give you the chance to experience it all firsthand.
Simha Koether
Tours International – Director & Guide